The Program

Invest in the Healthy Growth of Families

Program Overview

Churches provide biblically based family programming that equips parents with tools for leading their family and invests in the healthy growth of their children.

The Family Leadership Initiative is an up to four-year, two-phase program:

Phase 1 is a learning intensive that helps churches learn how to do family-based ministry through guided training and implementation of the FLI program model. By the end of the two-year intensive, a church will have a fully developed customized family ministry plan that they can use if they choose to apply for the next phase.

Phase 2 is an opportunity for churches with FLI experience to implement their customized family ministry program for one year, renewable for up to two years.

Key Benefits

Developing Healthy Families

Families grow, learn, and worship together, supported by a loving Christian community. Parents and children lead inside and outside of their homes, and opportunities are created for families to spend time together, building stronger ties with each other.

Growing Churches' Capacity for Family Ministry

Churches deepen skills and knowledge in family ministry. Pastors and church leaders are equipped with training, support and resources to wholly integrate family ministry with a church’s mission.

Join the Program

Join the Family Leadership Initiative to learn and grow together with the support and encouragement of our Christian community.